About Us

Our range displays an extraordinary exhibit of wide ranging designs for your every mood - the lazy Sunday mornings when the time seems to drag and you can’t have enough of it, engulfed by the aroma of freshly cut grass, reading a book. Or the days when you are all about the sass and put on a winged eyeliner. We have got all your moods covered with our collection.


PHIROZA is the color of the skies and the ocean, embodying its infinite vastness.  The mystic enormity of the color is the source of our inspiration,   a therapeutic place to be amidst the chaos, life sometimes can be. 

PHIROZA is all about grounding ourselves and finding our place of beauty, be it art or simply dressing up.

Having a strong belief in the therapeutic effect of the art of dressing up for ourselves, we create designs that are laid back and effortless.

Something you can wear while enjoying a cup of coffee, feeling beautiful and falling in love with the small moments in life. 

Let the breezy comfort and precise glam lit up your soul. Lean back, set the mood and get ready to face the world. Add some sparkle to your power suits or just dress up for yourself, sipping on a glass of wine swaying to Lana Del Rey’s songs



PHIROZA draws its inspiration the rich culture and artisanal heritage of India and marries it with modern minimalism and a whiff of whimsy. 

Our designs are fit for the modern women who have a hint of traditional essence deep down the bottom of her hearts. Our  designs are created for women who love to travel and explore, have a coming back home. 

PHIROZA boasts of use of luxurious materials fused together in a symphony of intricacy and fine craftsmanship. We make jewelry that stands the test of time and is meant to be cherished now and forever.